This is me : hobby cook, hostess with heart and full-blooded connoisseur

Nice that you are on my homepage!


LISI-BISI - this idea has been spitting in my head for a long time. One day "my idea" was served to me in a picnic basket and I knew immediately that I wanted to do that too!


A few months, a lot of ideas and considerations, intensive discussions, later trying on the stove and on my family, I present you my brand new grindelwald food delivery concept - LISI-BISI


This is how LISI-BISI is:

  • sustainable and ecological

  • homemade and created with heart

  • regional and seasonal

  • exclusive and high quality

  • authentic and contemporary

  • anchored in Grindelwald


Well, I wish you and your loved ones many wonderful moments - with a LISI-BISI enjoyment basket on the table.


Have a good time!